Interbet Betting and Transaction Limits: Will These Limits Determine How Much You Can Win?

Like all casinos, Interbet has limits on how much you can deposit or withdraw from your account. The site also has a limit on your maximum winnings. Find more about it here.


Betting and Transaction Limits at Interbet

Interbet is a popular gambling destination in South Africa because of its extensive game collection and competitive odds. Betting limits can play to your advantage or disadvantage, and you will find them at Interbet. The site also has a limit on the minimum and maximum deposit.

We will be covering these and more topics in this article, plus we will share some of the payment options you can use to facilitate payments on the site.

Minimum and Maximum Deposits at Interbet

You can deposit funds to your Interbet account using a variety of supported payment options which include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cheque
  • Bank deposit
  • OTT Voucher
  • 1 Voucher

Each payment option has its transaction limits, and this means that the minimum deposit you can make to your Interbet account will vary depending on the payment option in use. On average, expect the minimum deposit to be about R100 while the maximum deposit is R3000.

Besides allowing you to fund your account using 6 major Banks in South Africa, Interbet also supports an assortment of payment options that let enjoy a lot of flexibility and convenience when funding your account.

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal at Interbet

Similar to deposits, the banking option you use to fund your Interbet account will determine the maximum withdrawal you can make on a given day. The payment options that you use to make deposits at Interbet can be used to withdraw winnings from your betting account. Therefore, you can withdraw funds using the banking option you used for your deposit.

While still on withdrawals, you should note that the payment option you will be using will determine how fast you can access your winnings. It is worth mentioning that withdrawals at the site are safe and secure thanks to the use of the latest SSL Certificates to encrypt data during transactions.

What Should You Know Before Making a Withdrawal Request at Interbet?

The betting site will request verification documents when you initiate your withdrawal. And you should use your ID plus a utility bill that is not older than 2 months. The verification documents should be sent to Interbet via Fax.

Also, remember to use the same payment option you used for your deposit during your withdrawal if you are interested in withdrawing your fund to your bank account.

Enjoy Fast and Seamless Withdrawals or Deposits at Interbet

You have the chance to walk away with a maximum winning of R 1,000,000 on your bet slip from Interbet, and this makes it one of the most rewarding sportsbooks in South Africa. Discover everything about the betting brand from its bonuses to its game collection on our detailed Interbet review.