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A Great Everglades Airboat Holiday Experience




The Everglades at Florida may not be well known to many people outside the United States unless they research on unique holiday choices. This is an interesting holiday option for those who are seeking adventure without too much energy expedited. Even children would be attracted to such a unique holiday experience with the myriad of beautiful natural landscapes and fauna at the Everglades.


An Everglades holiday experience need not cost an arm or a leg as there are many special offers and promotional discounts for an airboat ride across the vast and diverse landscapes of swamps and wetlands.

Children who are aged below 13 years old pay only $20 while adults pay $40; with the discount vouchers from the tour operators’ websites, more savings can be enjoyed to experience a unique holiday. These private Everglades airboat operators cater to different groups of visitors to the Everglades at different seasons. For even more pleasant pastime you can visit and find Holiday apartments for sale in Switzerland and other countries.

There are special rates for business groups as well as small to medium private groups that wish to experience an Everglade airboat ride. A standard airboat ride lasts about an hour although Everglade tours can be customized depending on the preferences of the holidaymakers.

                                                         Everglades City

The Florida Everglades natural landscape is located at Everglades City in Florida. This is a booming city with lots of offerings and a colorful history that would delight any visitor. There are special airboat tours with rich seafood and swampland tales of the Everglades adventures.

Today, the city has flourished to be a popular commercial fishing port with fresh seafood delights. One can enjoy stone crabs, blue crabs, mullet, pompano and king fish in its marine rich waters. Besides airboat tours, there are boat tours and swamp buggy rides to check out the various sections of the Everglades national park.



Fishing is another great economy at Everglades City where one can fish for reds, trout, sheepshead, snook, tarpon and other game fish. This is an ideal holiday spot for avid fishing enthusiasts with the plethora of big game fishing available.


Besides the airboat experience, Everglades City and its surroundings offer beautiful landscapes where local tomatoes, peppers and a host of other vegetables and fruit flourish easily on the rich and fertile soil irrigated by the surrounding swamps and wetlands.

One can enjoy viewing the rich farmlands with large cattle and citrus communities along the countryside. There are also world class beach resorts and fabulous restaurants nearby for the best of shopping and holiday.

Posted in Travel on May 19 at 04:19 AM

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