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Ep:4 #Thar Desert #Jaisalmer | #Patwon Ki Haveli | #Jaisalmer local sweets, food and cuisine


In this mega episode we saved the best for the last. Enjoy this final episode of the roadtrip as we explore the Thar desert, Gobi desert and Royal Desert. Explorin the desert in a 4*4 Jeep was so much fun and so was exploring the pride jewels of Jaisalmer the Patwon Ki Haveli. Wait there's so much more, so watch this powered pack episode of our Jaisalmer Roadtrip in a Ford Ecosport until we meet in our next episode of Bikaner in Rajasthan India.
Posted by Etc Fun Unlimited in Attractions on September 23 at 01:01 PM  ·  Public

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