Best Resort in Sakleshpur - Mookanana Resort

Sakleshpur, one of the best hill stations in India lying at the foothills of the Western Ghats, is very well known for its beautiful waterfalls, numerous undiscovered trekking routes, coffee plantation and enchanting temples. One of the main attractions is the Manjarabad Fort. It has a unique eight cornered star shape and a hillock in the centre.

Sakleshpur from Bangalore is about 219kms and the Mookanana Resort is a little further inside, near the forest. The resort is easily accessible by road from Bangalore and Mangalore. The resort is located between the famous temple towns of Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanya.

Mookanana is a thick jungle resort located close to the picturesque Mookana Mane Abbi Falls. The resort provides a calm and soothing environment to its guests. It is the best weekend getaway from Bangalore and Mangalore. The splendour of the Western Ghats can be absorbed at the Mookanana resort, which is completely hidden amidst the Sakleshpur forest.

The best things in life need to be experienced, Mookanana is one such paradise.

We had a wonderful holiday at Mookanana Resort - a resort in Sakleshpur. If you are looking for Resorts in Sakleshpur, look no further, just go to Mookanana and enjoy a wonderful stay.
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