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#Manali And #Keylong #Roadtrip In #Ford #EcoSport #Himachal Pradesh, Next up #Leh #Ladakh Roadtrip


We took a journey that was by far the most adventurous till now in our Ford EcoSport. Started from Delhi, Chandigarh - Manali - Keylong till the roads allowed in the treacherous rainy season. It was enthralling and pure nature at it's best. Come Explore this ride with us! Don't forget to hit the like, Subscribe and smash that Notification button as chances are our next big adventure trip might takes us to Leh or Ladakh. So stay tuned.

Music Credits:
Joakim Karud: Waves Vlog no copyright music
Cartoon: See You Again NCS Release
Joakim Karud: Rock Angel
Ehrling: You and Me Vlog no copyright music
Angi: Fireburst
Posted by Etc Fun Unlimited in Travel Vlog on November 03 at 12:58 AM  ·  Public

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