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Eric Reid isn't planning on giving up his fight against racial injustice in

 America or his battle with the NFL.He just doesn't know if his protests against injustice will include kneeling for the national anthem . Reid Cheap San Francisco 49ers Hoodie , who signed a one-year contract last week with Carolina, said Monday he is "still considering other ways" to protest and continue to raise awareness.The former Pro Bowl safety did not elaborate on his plans, but did say he will not drop his grievance against the NFL that alleges teams colluded to keep him out of the league because he protested alongside Colin Kaepernick."Nothing will ever change unless you talk about it . So we're going to continue to talk about it," Reid said of his ongoing fight for racial justice with his friend Kaepernick, who remains unsigned. "We're going to continue to hold America to the standards that it says on paper — that we're all created equal. Because it's not that way right now. But we're going to keep pushing toward that."Reid said the Panthers didn't ask him about his protest plans until after he signed.He has spoken with members of the Panthers' organization about his beliefs on racial injustice , but said he is "still evaluating the scope of our country and will make that decision later."Panthers coach Ron Rivera reiterated signing Reid was a "football decision."Rivera, who is Hispanic and was raised in a military family, expressed his views on standing for the national anthem in September of 2017, telling his players "if we're all going to be united, we need to stand, look at the flag, be at attention, our left hand down at our side and right hand at our heart. We need to look at the flag and listen to the national anthem. We need to think and envision an America that we believe in that is free from injustice Cheap Custom San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , free from bigotry and free from prejudice."Rivera said Monday that he has spoken with Reid and they had a "nice conversation" and that "I think he has a feel for us and we feel pretty good about it."Reid said he was surprised when the Panthers called last week, saying he thought it would take much longer to get a second chance at the NFL.He said the San Francisco 49ers also offered him a chance to play last week, but that the Panthers' offer was better.Reid returned to the field Monday for the first time since Dec. 31, 2017, when he finished the season with the San Francisco 49ers before becoming a free agent. Despite starting 69 games in the NFL, Reid didn't receive any attention in free agency and filed a grievance in May alleging collusion by NFL teams for not signing him because of his decision to protest racial injustice during the national anthem.Reid would not discuss details of collusion grievance against the NFL because the case is ongoing, but when asked if he will continue to pursue it, he replied, "Without a doubt, yeah."He is expected to start on Sunday against the New York Giants.Reid knows he will continue to face opposition by standing up to racial injustice, not unlike what he and Kaepernick experienced here in Charlotte while playing against the Panthers on Sept. 18, 2016. At that time some fans seated in the lower bowl of the stadium gave Reid and Kaepernick a hard time about their protests — similar to what he heard in other stadiums around the country."There's always opposition when you speak on topics like I'm speaking on, but I'm a black man in America Nick Mullens 49ers Jersey ," Reid said. "You can't tell me what I've experienced and what I've seen is not true."That game in 2016 came two days before a black man, Keith Scott, was shot by police in Charlotte, setting off nearly a week of protesting that shut down the city and caused the National Guard to be sent in to help restore order."You can't live in your own house in America without getting killed. It's powerful," Reid said. "I will keep speaking for my people."Reid pointed out that 2019 will mark 400 years "since the first slave touched the soil in this country. That's 400 years of systemic depression, slavery, Jim Crow, new Jim Crow, mass incarceration, you name it."He added that racial injustice "has been happening since my people have gotten here. So I just felt the need to say something about it."Picks against the spread for Week 5 NFL games The 2018 NFL season is officially in full swing, which means regular season betting is back. I’m back for another year of picks in the Westgate SuperContest. SB Nation’s partners over at Odds Shark are sponsoring my entry again. The contest requires selecting 5 games each week and picking them against the spread. I had a modest but still positive 3-2 week in Week 5. I’d always like better, but if you hit on 60 percent for the season, all is well. I now sit at 11-8-1 for the season. I did better overall Nick Mullens Jersey , going 11-2-2 on my overall picks against the spread.The San Francisco 49ers are a 3.5 or four point favorite at most sportsbooks, with the SuperContest setting the line at four. I was tempted, but I don’t like this particular divisional matchup for picks purposes. I think the 49ers likely win either way, but I could see this coming down to a game-winning field goal. I’d love to see the 49ers thump Arizona and make a bit of a statement, but I can’t shake this feeling it’s a little closer than that.Here are my five SuperContest picks for Week 5.Jaguars (+3) over CHIEFSBILLS (+3.5) over TitansLIONS (+1) over PackersTEXANS (-3) over CowboysWashington (+6.5) over SAINTSI’m leaning heavily on underdogs this week. Week 3 saw the dogs barking, while Week 4 settled back into more familiar favorites. I think we might see some reversion back to the dogs.That Jaguars-Chiefs matchup could end up being the best game of the week. You get a dynamic Chiefs offense against a stout Jaguars defense. Blake Bortles gets a crack at an awful Chiefs offense, and I think that could keep this sufficiently close. This is Patrick Mahomes’ toughest challenge of the season, and I think the Jaguars defense contains him enough that we see Jacksonville win outright.The week ends with a fun Monday Night Football contest featuring an old friend and an old foe. We remember Alex Smith vs. Drew Brees from the 2012 NFC divisional round playoffs, and I think we see Smith come out ahead once again in this matchup. It will be a close one, and while New Orleans could hold on for the W, the Washington defense should give Brees a bit of trouble.I went 11-2-2 overall in Week 4. Here are all my picks for Week 5ATRIOTS vs. Colts (+10.5): Colts — LOSSBROWNS vs. Ravens (-3): RavensCHIEFS vs. Jaguars (+3): JaguarsBILLS vs. Titans (-3.5): BillsPANTHERS vs. Giants (+7): GiantsJETS vs. Broncos (+1): JetsSTEELERS vs. Falcons (+3): SteelersLIONS vs. Packers (-1): LionsBENGALS vs. Dolphins (+6.5): DolphinsCHARGERS vs. Raiders (+4.5): Chargers49ERS vs. Cardinals (+4): 49ersEAGLES vs. Vikings (+3): VikingsSEAHAWKS vs. Rams (-7): SeahawksTEXANS vs. Cowboys (+3): TexansSAINTS vs. Washington (+6.5): Washington
Posted in Attractions on November 09 at 11:38 AM

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