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Haslams continue unwavering support for Hue Jackson

There have been two constants for the Cleveland Browns since Jimmy and Dee Haslam purchased the team in the fall of 2012.One is the constant losing that bottomed out with the Browns going 1-31 the past two seasons. (At least Browns fans hope that was the bottom.)The other is the Haslams’ annual insistence that they have learned from their past mistakes and that the times are finally changing for the better.That was on full display on Saturday Authentic Greg Joseph Jersey , when the Haslams met with the media at training camp and said that, as far as they are concerned, no one should hold the past two seasons against head coach Hue Jackson. As Jimmy Haslam told ohio.comh boy!We have to give the Haslams credit for not placing an arbitrary win total on whether or not Jackson becomes the first Browns head coach since Romeo Crennel to see a fourth season with the team. There are too many unpredictables throughout the course of an NFL season to put a hard number on a win total. But it continues to be baffling how the Haslams seem willing to absolve Jackson of any complicity in what went on the past two seasons. Not to dive to deeply into it, but it is well documented that Jackson’s fingerprints are all over the quarterback mess and that he continually undermined the previous front office. There is also 32 games worth of evidence that highlight Jackson’s deficiencies in clock management, play calling and overall awareness during games.The Haslams enable it all by having an organizational structure in place where both the head coach and the general manager report directly to them, meaning the last person in the room with them has the advantage in disagreements. (Although it is hard to see Jackson trying to pull an end around on general manager John Dorsey the way he did last fall with the trade attempt for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron.)There is no question the talent on the roster is better than it was a year ago, which automatically puts pressure on Jackson and the coaching staff to find a way to post a few wins this fall. While it can’t be just about the final record, the Haslams do have to determine some criteria for evaluating Jackson once the season is over. Playing close games is nice, winning is even better Myles Garrett Jersey Elite , but there has to be a tangible way to figure this all out after the final whistle.Because if the Haslams keep doing what they have always done, it is hard to see how Browns fans can truly believe the franchise has finally turned a corner.Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2018: S Preview, Part 1 At last, we are on to our final positional preview for Cleveland Browns training camp! We will take a look at the safeties in two parts; part one will look at the starters and the two players most closely behind them on the depth chart.Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports1. Jabrill Peppers - Starting Strong SafetyHeight: 5-11 | Weight: 213 lbs | Age: 22Experience: 2 years | College: MichiganIt took long enough.After seeing Jabrill Peppers stuck as the deep free safety for most of 2017, Gregg Williams has finally come around on the obvious decision to move him to the box as a strong safety in 2018. Williams will tout the invaluable position versatility that Peppers now has as a result of last year, but I don’t care what he says, it was his worst personnel decision by far last year.Peppers needs to be near the line of scrimmage where he has a better chance at making an impact on the ball as opposed to dictating whether teams throw it deep or not. According to Pro Football Focus, Peppers played 88.2% of his snaps at free safety from Weeks 1-15 as a rookie, with poor results (i.e. remember how many poor angles he took when having to come up to make a tackle in the open field). However , in the final two weeks, only 32.1% of his snaps were at free safety due to an injury to Derrick Kindred, and Peppers responded with “his best run-defense grade of the year” in Week 16 and an interception to go along with a solid outing in Week 17.Final Roster Odds: 100%Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports2. Damarious Randall - Starting Free SafetyHeight: 5-11 | Weight: 196 lbs | Age: 25Experience: 4 years | College: Arizona StateThe Browns acquired Damarious Randall from the Packers this offseason and made the immediate decision to switch him from cornerback to free safety. The past three years, he has mostly played cornerback in the NFL, but has experience at the safety spot from his college days at Arizona State. The Browns’ front office is also familiar with Randall.In terms of his personality, there is no doubt that Randall isn’t afraid to be a talker. He mixed it up on social media last year regarding Josh Gordon after the two faced each other in Cleveland. Then, this offseason, he openly cheered for Steph Curry against the Cavaliers, and had his “jersey promise” tweet go so viral that it became the most viral sports tweet by an athlete of all time.I personally liked some of the feisty play I saw out of Randall last year. I don’t know how that translates to the free safety spot where he will be lonely without a player within 30 yards of him. The main element I am looking for is how his open field tackling is if Randall ends up being the last line of defense. Here is what the Browns’ defensive backs coach said about Randall a few weeks ago:Final Roster Odds: 99%Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports3. Derrick Kindred - Backup Strong SafetyHeight: 5-10 | Weight: 210 lbs | Age: 24Experience: 3 years | College: TCUMake no mistake about it: Derrick Kindred is still in Gregg Williams’ plans on defense. Even though we were up in arms about Jabrill Peppers not being the starting strong safety last year Authentic Myles Garrett Jersey , the truth is that Kindred did a fine job as the starter in his own right.This offseason, Williams said Kindred was “one of the best strong safeties he’s had the chance to coach in his career in the run game and zone pass game.” Kindred was one of the Browns’ top-5 graded defenders last season and is definitely a force as a run-stopper. The task for Williams will be how he finds playing time for both Kindred and Peppers. This is a great case where Williams should see it as a blessing rather than a curse, because he can substitute and mix-and-match to keep guys fresh. I think there could be times we also see three safeties in the game, with Peppers playing more of a specialty role depending on the package.Final Roster Odds: 99%Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports4. Derron Smith - Backup SafetyHeight: 5-10 | Weight: 200 lbs | Age: 26Experience: 4 years | College: Fresno StateDerron Smith was a 6th round pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015, so Hue Jackson had some familiarity with him. He only had 13 career tackles with Cincinnati before picked plucked off of their practice squad in mid-November of 2017. Smith played in 7 games with the Browns, registering 4 tackles.The Browns will be looking for a backup free safety in camp this year, but Smith won’t have much of a leg up for that spot compared to the four undrafted rookie free agents who will appear in Part 2 of our safety preview. Smith has primarily been a special teams contributor, but maybe a change of scenery and being in camp with the team for the first time will help him make more of an impression.Final Roster Odds: 30%
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