About Us

Trippyowl is an online community of people who have a thirst of travelling. We are dedicated to create a social network dedicated to travelers with common interests. Trippyowl is the product of Prodigious Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd. The existence of trippyowl is only to serve the purpose of matching people with similar travel likings and help them build and grow their network.


This Product is the brain child of 3 people: - 


Abhishek Karn

CFO, Prodigious Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

After completing his B. Pharm in Mumbai, Abhishek turned his attention towrads marketing. He has worked in many organisations handling the marketing team as well as a Q.A. manager. With his never compromising on quality attitude and ability to draw users, he has been a very important pillar of the family.


Bharat Modi

CEO, Prodigious Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Bharat is an Engineering graduate pursuing MBA. With his immense love for technology and travel, a trippyowl was born. He is a developer and a travel enthusiast. He has been inspiring and leading the team since its inception and still continues to do so.


Saurabh Gaikwad

FOUNDER, Prodigious Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Saurabh is a BMS graduate and currently pursuing MBA. A great visionary and a travel freak. He is the first trippyowl of the trippyowl family. A master in designing and marketing, he has laid the foundation of trippyowl. He is a great photographer and loves editing pictures. With his energized spirits, initiative taking and leadership skills, he has been constantly driving the organisation from the front.