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How does the Power Rod work

Not only that, the strap can be used around your ankle, foot or it can be used as a shoulder cuff. Each model is a bit different, but Power Rod upgrades are available. All Bowflex machines offer the handgrips, some style of bench and they all fold up for easy storage. If you do wear them out somehow, it is guaranteed the rods will be replaced at no cost to you. It is then fused to a high grade PVC covering (like the kind used in the car industry). The hand grips on the Bowflex home gyms are unique. The frame, or foundation, of all Bowflex home gyms is of the highest quality, made from high grade carbon steel.
How does the Power Rod work? If you want more resistance, youll use a rod that is larger in diameter. There are resistance upgrades available for all of the machines. The Power Rods are made from highly technical composite and then submitted to three different flex-tests prior to being installed on any Bowflex machine. They are the exact quality used on commercial aircraft. The Power Rod technology has been patented and has been used by Bowflex for 15 years. All of the Bowflex benches are molded from durable polyurethane. Bowflex is so confident in this technology, they stand behind their no-time-limit warranty which states that the Power Rods can flex over and over again but cannot be worn out. Certain accessory upgrades are also available.
The covering will resist cracking, tearing and even moisture, which ensures longer life for your machine. Construction like this is typically found in public gyms. This unique design is extremely versatile and Bowflex has it. Youll receive a full refund, less your shipping handling, of course.The technology behind the Bowflex line of home gyms is designed around the Power Rod resistance concept. The cables are certified by independent labs, lubricated and then sealed with a protective nylon jacket. Simply contact the Customer Service Department, obtain return authorization and return the machine within 2 weeks of the time authorization is given. Bowflex machines work with a pulley and cable system. Bowflex home gyms are made right here in the United States.
You have the option to use as little as 5 pounds of resistance or as much as 410 pounds of resistance with your Bowflex home gym. Unlike many companies on the market today, Bowflex guarantees your complete satisfaction! If, after using the machine for six weeks, industrial chillers you decide it isnt making a difference, return it to the company. . They are actually a 5-way hand grip or handle that can be used in the traditional manner or you can use the strap to wrap around your hand for additional support
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