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Last year he became the first Chinese player

SEOUL Under Armour Boys Shoes Sale , May 7 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Park Geun-hye will hold an emergency meeting to hammer out countermeasures amid sluggish private consumption caused by the ferry sinking disaster.

Min Kyung-wook, spokesman of the presidential office, told reporters Wednesday that Park will hold a meeting on Friday to come up with measures to boost the weakening private consumption.

An attendance list will be Finance Minister Hyun Oh-seok, economy-related ministers, economic think tank chiefs and business representatives.

Hyun said Tuesday that last month's ferry sinking accident has had a more or less negative influence on consumption and service industry activity.

Retail sales, usage of cultural facilities and tourism have shown sluggishness since the passenger ferry Sewol capsized and sank off the country's southwestern coast on April 16, Hyun said.

A paroxysm of grief swept all over the country as two thirds of the 476 passengers aboard the ill-fated ship were high school students.

Memorial altars were set up nationwide to mourn the victims. Cheering at baseball stadiums has been prevented, and schools canceled class trips. Celebration ceremony for the Buddha's May 6 birthday was held to mourn the victims.

As of Wednesday, 269 people have been confirmed dead Under Armour Mens Shoes Sale , with 33 others still missing. No survivor has been reported since 174 people were rescued from the ship and sea on April 16.

by Xinhua writers Qiang Lijing, Ayinur Xaken, and Fu Xiaobo

URUMQI, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- A veteran of the local military in traditional Chinese attire practices Tai Chi on the People's Square in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China.

Grandparents proudly push infants in strollers, while a group of women, including one in Uygur dress and headscarf, start to square dance.

It is scene exemplifying the multiethnicity and livability of modern Xinjiang. China will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the autonomous region on Thursday. While its history has been peppered with sadness Under Armour Womens Shoes Sale , such as riots in 2009, it's 52 ethnic groups have witnessed rapid development and social improvements that have made the city more tolerant and integrated.

The man, Di Hua, 65, is a Xinjiang Military Area Command veteran. Born in Lanzhou, capital of neighboring Gansu Province, Di has lived in Xinjiang since joining the army in 1968.


Urumqi is ancient Mongolian for "beautiful prairie." The city rose to prominence during the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-9 AD) as an important trade and transit stop on the ancient Silk Road route.

It has been earmarked as an important hub on the "Belt and Road", the trade and infrastructure network designed to link China, Central Asia and Europe.

"Urumqi has undergone tremendous changes in recent years Under Armour Shoes Sale ," Di said, gesturing to the high-rise buildings surrounding the People's Square.

"Travel has become more convenient thanks to the bus network and new roads. And a subway is also under construction," he explained, adding, "Urumqi truly is a livable city."

Like many of the Han people in Urumqi, who account for 75 percent of the population, Di has friends from many ethnic backgrounds including Uygur, Hui, Kirgiz Under Armour Youth Shoes , Kazak and Uzbek.

"We often meet to have dinner together, and send regards to each other during festivals," he said.

Ethnic minorities tend to live in the south of the city, such as Dawan and Heijiashan districts, as has been the custom for many years.

Zhao Xinzhong, 70, an Urumqi native, lives in southern Urumqi, the site of many of the city's major mosques. Many foreign businessmen Under Armour Kids Shoes , from neighboring countries such as Pakistan and Kazakhstan, also live in this part of the city.

It is common for ethnic minority communities across the world to choose to live in the same areas.

"Muslims tend to live together for convenience," he said. "In the south of Urumqi, for example, there are many shops that sell halal meat."

As the city expands northward, however, people of all ethnic backgrounds are buying property in the new areas, Li said.

After the riots on July 5, 2009 Under Armour Boys Shoes , which left nearly 200 people dead and over 1,700 injured, some people, especially the Han, have chosen to avoid the southern area of the city. Dawan and Heijiashan were hardest hit by the violence.

Security checks across the city have been heightened. "It is necessary for peace of mind," Di said.


Despite being a landlocked city, Urumqi is at the heart of Eurasia and serves as the gateway to Central Asia.

Yawuz Selim, 38 Under Armour Mens Shoes , owns a children's clothes store in Urumqi. He is one of many Turkish businesspeople to have set up shop in the city.

Turkish people are excited by the opportunities in Xinjiang, said Selim, adding that the Belt and Road initiative will create an even more dynamic business environment.

"I hope to bring high-end Turkish clothes to Xinjiang and expand my business across China," he said.

Passabi, 30, is originally from Azerbaijan. He opened an underwear shop in Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar in Urumqi over four years ago, and is engaged to a local Uygur woman.

His brother runs a logistics company that transports goods between Urumqi and Istanbul.

While foreign businesspeople are excited by China's huge market, Xinjiangers are looking to these newcomers for lessons.

Abrajan Tursun, 46 Under Armour Womens Shoes , from Hotan Prefecture in southern Xinjiang, runs stores at Urumqi International Grand Bazaar. He hopes to visit Istanbul on a business trip.

"I have heard that the bazaars in Istanbul are brilliant. I hope to experience them firsthand, and improve my own business," he said.

The tastes and fashions of Western countries have been incorporated by Urumqi businesses, Nurbia, a Uygur woman, said.

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