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Catching Up with GGG - Community Hijinks, Microtransaction Madness & More

Path of Exile developers are some in the busiest people we all know, but you are never too busy with regards to community. We had the opportunity talk with Community Director Bex regarding the amazing PoE players and fans. We also learned more about how precisely microtransactions removed from concept to finished product and also a little bit about POE Currency how exactly the community seems to surprise the c's nearly every day.

For example, the Metallic Fossil (Slide 14) boosts the chance of rolling Lightning Mods, adds more exclusive ones for the available pool, and removes the potential of Physical Damage mods (which is usually a benefit when making a lighting item). When placed inside an Alchemical Resonator, it can make a crafting item (similar to a Orb of Alchemy) that could create a lightning weapon, one example is.

The process for selection varies depending for the episode and exactly what the Build from the Week season being a whole is looking like. During any season, we'll try and showcase various build types. For example, if you can find two compelling melee builds we'll likely pick only one for your sake of variety.
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Posted in Hill Stations on March 15 at 08:53 AM

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