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RuneScape: How to Auto Battle

Logging into RuneScape gold is like coming home to detect your parents have gotten a brand new dog without telling you, and they absolutely refuse to state exactly what happened to your beloved Brassica Prime. Initially you might sulk and long to get the puppy that was, but soon enough you start to notice that the new dog is gorgeous compared to its haggard predecessor. It will all kinds of new tricks, it has charm and character, heaps of endgame content and does not need to be fed or walked often.

Where Runescape utilized to involve offering up one's hands to hours, or days, of grinding for piecemeal progress, today it hands out level raises with a regularity that's hard to stomach if you are able to remember sinking 20 hours of constant play into acquiring only half the XP you need to level up.

Out of blind habit, I invest my initial hours mining ore, killing cows, burying best ways to make money runescape, chopping wood and lighting fires. Pleased with my advancement, I put an extra eight hours into boosting my skills. At this time my overall impression is that Runescape has only gotten prettier and easier, which wouldn't be enough to haul me back to its F2P clutches.

What did handle that (I begrudgingly admit) was the number and caliber of quests to be completed in RuneScape. Quests are everywhere, and every one is its own foray to a very small fragment of Runescape lore.

Runescape's tone is joyously mild, and with fewer degree cap hurdles to leap over you're free to adopt and explore it without submitting to the mill. That is great, because Runescape's quests have never actually required one to use skills aside from combat, and have generally comprised puzzles or interactive elements that have more in common with old school point-and-click adventure games than dream questing.
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Posted in Tips and Tricks on March 15 at 08:18 AM

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