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Disappointing Madden 19 Ultimate Team “Legends” drop contributes to public outcry 2

In truth, the thought would have likely been more well-received when the players were actually community favorites, as an alternative to simultaneously choosing the closest thing to Legends (i.e. active players around the brink of retirement) with out them, you understand, being “legends”.

Greg Olsen was the initial player for Madden Overdrive Coins being revealed, even though the item is okay in its own right, there’s just no way the position needs another high-end option.

That’s three on the last six Legends weekends which may have required a TE, and literally every new promo save for Football Outsiders that contain yielded an upper tier elite option.

Other than Larry Fitzgerald, who i’m sure is overdue for the Playoffs LTD sometime, there’s not much of Madden NFL Overdrive Coins a greater ambassador for your “Old and Boring” club than Terrell Suggs, who also received a Legends item Saturday, marking his fifth upgrade this holiday season. Some of the make sense, such as the since departed Veterans and Night Guardians promos, when you’re highest overall card boosted 76 speed ahead of today, it’s unlikely that will be anything over a homage to past dominance.

Posted in Beach on February 11 at 08:42 AM

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