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TAIPEI Cheap Jeff Skinner Jersey , Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- Taiwan's economic recovery saw tepid movement in December, as the overall business indicator flashed blue for a seventh month, signaling a trend of contraction, new data showed Wednesday.

The score for the business indicator dropped 1 point from a month earlier to 14, the lowest level of 2015, according to a report unveiled by the island's development council.

Among the nine components, imports of machinery and electrical equipment lost 1 point to change its individual light from green to yellow-blue, while the other eight components were unchanged.

Color codes are used by the island to gauge economic health, with red signaling economic boom, green for steady growth and blue for recession. Yellow-red light and yellow-blue light are transitional.

The council forecast that the island's economy will improve in 2016, as the global economy may see a better year and companies will invest in more sophisticated sectors, including the Internet of Things and Big Data.

  BUCHAREST, April 9 (Xinhua) -- Romania expects to get 10 to 12 medals at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) Alin Petrache said on Saturday.

  Petrache hoped that some 70 to 80 Romanian athletes should go to Rio Games, as the qualifiers are still underway.

  "We expect as many as possible athletes to join our delegation to Rio, I think we will have more athletes than the initially estimated 50 to 60," the Romanian Olympic chief said at the first meeting this year of the Informal Group of Central and Southeast European National Olympic Committees, attended by representatives of 18 countries in the region.

  The official listed the sports with medal hopeful as both men's and women's gymnastics, canoeing, wrestling, boxing and fencing.

  In 2012, Romania left London with a total of nine medals, including two golds, five silvers and two bronzes. At Beijing 2008, the country had four golds, one silver and three bronzes. In 2004 in Athens, Romania returned home with 19 medals, namely eight golds, five silvers and six bronzes.

  The record of medals for Romania was obtained at Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, where they won 53 medals including 20 golds, 16 silvers and 17 bronzes.

Nutrition and bodybuilding go hand in hand in achieving a perfect health life. Physical exercise and a well thought out balanced nutrition will perk up your life style.

It is crucial that these two key elements are combined because deficiencies on one plane will attract drawbacks on the other and diminish the effects. For example, an athlete exercising hard more times a day but lacking vital nutrients and minerals from their diet will be less efficient in their workouts and in achieving a goal of increased muscular mass.

Bodybuilding is a very demanding sport whether you just practice it to ripfast some extra pounds or training for a professional competition. It takes a proper nutrition to provide bodybuilders with the energy that their body demands to function and to ripfast through the challenging exercise programs.

Nowadays, it is a well known fact that bodybuilding and physical exercise, in general, help keep a healthy life. Some of the proven effects that bodybuilding has over the organism are not only an increased muscular mass and stamina, but also a reduction of hazard for cardio-vascular illnesses. This is accomplished by helping the body ripfast the excessive fat. In addition to this, bodybuilding practitioners experience a slowing down of the aging process and it increased level of self confidence.

This is so much more than a sport, a real lifestyle that can be practiced by just about anyone starting from a teen age to people that are way past their youth. The effects of the bodybuilding routine can be felt without having to be a certificate professional.

Consistent practitioners experience increases in bone strength, muscular mass and also energy levels. A good nutrition is mandatory if you want to ripfast through the challenges of an exercise program.

There are many advantages to this sport, some of them never showing directly but the most important is that you gain a healthy life. This happens from reducing cholesterol and ripfast the fat levels, regulating the blood pressure and a very important stress release. The internal organs get cleansed and by performing better, they will reduce the chances for major illnesses.

There are not only physical advantages to be gained from practicing the bodybuilding discipline. The long workouts at the gym help you get more out of the moments of relaxation, boost self esteem, reduce the stress caused by other problems and very importantly you will learn how to channel your energies and recognize your own limitations.

The hard work and determination that you will have to invest in this sport will also benefit you on a social plan. Ripfast any unnecessary fat from the organism, develop a strong muscular mass and you will feel better and also look better. In no time, you will attract the attention of other people around you.

Better looks means more appeal for the opposite sex. Having a great sculpted body that you will not have to be ashamed with is bound to attract the looks of the ladies.

In the end, you can say that bodybuilding is a complete sport that can improve your life from every point of view.

Liu Yunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, visits China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 17, 2017, the annual day for science popularization in China. Liu Yandong, Liu Qibao, Li Yuanchao and Wan Gang also visited the museum. (XinhuaGao Jie)

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