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We keep in contact, even though none of us play the older game . The folks of MapleStory 2 seem nice enough for today. When I died and got pinned by a tombstone, I clicked in conversation for assistance, and someone actually walked and revived mebefore telling me he had not helped me earlier because he thought I was an non-playable character due to my own suspiciously simple username.


It's difficult to predict where MapleStory 2 goes, whether it will capture that same dedicated audience as its predecessor, or whether it is going to fall into the very same traps that led to its demise. A few of the things which plagued the first game, like DDOS attacks during one winter and random lag, are a consequence of age and check my blog  outdated infrastructure. The game has a limited amount of meaningful content, which may bore veteran players that burnt through the narrative.


Worst of all, the old MapleStory had named the Money Shop. I had been guilty of spending nearly $4,000 with this match over the span of a year playing with my personality Mercedes, an elf queen who wields dual bowguns. Each update to battle stats and my wardrobe added up over time, resulting in that hefty amount. And I was not alone. Players who invest cash in the game are at an advantage when compared with players.


Challenging bosses like Lotus, that can shoot lasers from all angles, while rocks fall from the skies, require numerous players with funding to team up and defeat. (Luckily, I managed to re-sell a lot of that gear, recouping near half of what I invested from the game.)Lee admits that this was a problem with the game. "With OSRS gold  our upcoming record of names developed particularly for the Western audience, we are trying to turn over a new leaf, producing games which are truly free to play."

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