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Fall of Oriath Hands-On Preview

Blizzard’s Diablo II has become a tough act that you follow. Many POE Currency developers have tried through the years, but none have truly been in a position to get lightning to strike twice again from the ARPG genre until Grinding Gear Games threw its hat into your ring with the discharge of Path of Exile in 2013. The game has enjoyed incredible popularity amongst ARPG fans as well as the team has become cranking out numerous expansions within the last few couple of years to positive results. Now, GGG is back just as before with the sport’s sixth expansion, Fall of Oriath, plus it may prove to be the sport’s biggest expansion yet.

One in the major structural changes coming using the expansion could be the removal on the existing difficulty system.  Now, players will progress through the sport’s story within a single playthrough and also the Fall of Oriath expands heavily about the original content offered by adding one more five new acts (to get a total of 10).
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Posted in Adventure on October 11 at 07:39 AM

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