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Kelce benches Smith for Mahomes in Madden, but loses to Kamara

Travis Kelce seems to have lost his challenge to Saints running back Alvin Kamara in Madden NFL Mobile Coins 2018, but no less than he wanted what to be accurate.

Kelce posted video of his challenge to Kamara online earlier recently, which Kamara accepted that has a video of their own. The two battled out at the EA Sports Bowl in Minneapolis last week, with Kelce making certain his team was up-to-date.

Taking place for the Armory in Minneapolis, the EA Sports Bowl was one of the Super Bowl parties scheduled about the city the other day and with Buy Madden 19 Coins ahead. Among those performing for the party were Imagine Dragons, Machine Gun Kelly, and Migos.
Posted in Adventure on August 16 at 07:16 AM

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