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Enhancing the Shining Four Leaf Clover

Players will use Anvil products in order to enhance the chances in the enhancing the Tree Of Savior Silver . Enhancing with the clovers cost nothing of cost plus the success rate is going to be 100% until it reaches enhancement stage 5. After reaching a clear stage, players can exchange the clover to the corresponding item which (aside from the reward) will deliver them the Shining Luck buff. The same buff will likely be cast about the player if he or she fail at looking to enhance the clover.

If a new player manages to improve the item on the 8th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th stage, they should bring the Tree Of Savior Silver for sale for the Reward Exchange Helper to get the pair of rewards for the stage.

Note how the Shining Four Leaf Clover items will in the end be deleted as soon as the event ends. No other enhanced item except the Shining Four Leaf Clover is usually exchanged. Also, the products can’t be traded or moved via Team Storage.
Posted in Adventure on July 12 at 06:29 AM

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